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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

25 Things A Man Should Know

25 Things A Man Should Know 
by George Zaharoff
While going through life and my global business dealings in the world I interact, I have learned so many things on etiquette and socializing – here’s twenty-five:
25) After 5pm, the light suit goes into the closet and the dark one comes out.  In other words, if the wedding is going to go past 5pm and way into the night, NO light grey, light blue, or light brown.  Dark black, dark blue (note: DARK), and nix the brown all together unless it’s very dark (I think one shouldn’t have a brown suit in their wardrobe unless it is light beige (and for Spring/Summer).  This also applies to shirts – striped shirts are for day and office wear.  Solid white/light blue rule the night.  Monograms should either be in the center of the pocket or two…TWO..inches above the waist on the right-hand side.  NOT on the collar or cuff, unless you want to be tacky.  Stay away from tie bars, tie clips, etc.  The point of the tie should come right to the top of your belt.
24) In a cab or limo (backseat), you go in first, then your lady…she should not have to slide herself in for you, you should do this yourself.  Going up a staircase, the man is behind, down, he is in front.  This is in case she slips and has someone to fall back (or forwards) and save her fall.  Going into a revolving door, the man goes first and pushes a little bit harder for his woman.  In addition, crossing the street, the man is on the side of on-coming traffic.  The days of taking off your cape and placing it on the ground so the woman does not soil her shoes are over.
23) At a restaurant, your partner always order first (unless the man is ordering for her), then the guest, then the host.  Very simple.  Chivalry is very sexy.
22) Never mismatch your black pants and black jackets.  Big no-no.  They should be the same fabric and the same shade.  If you stain your black jacket, dry-clean both together.  Also, your pants should fit, both in length and around the waist.  Find a good tailor to take care of it.
21) All men should have proper stationary.  Small 5x7 cards for handwritten notes with matching envelopes and large sheet for other types of typewritten correspondence.  They should only have your name on the heading, centered while the back flap of the envelope has only the address (not the name).  Spend a little bit of money on this, not a lot, but enough to show you care about yourself and the person on the receiving end.
20) ALWAYS wear a belt with your pants, even if it is jeans with gym shoes.  Try to have the colour of the leather match the shoes if you are not wearing gym shoes.  Sometimes a nice burgundy belt will match a pair of brown shoes.  The buckle (silver or brass/gold) should match the buckle of the shoe, if the shoes do not have a buckle then look at your watch.  If your watch is silver, than stick with a silver buckle.  The socks should also match your shoes and your shoes should ALWAYS be shined.  Speaking of socks, if they have runs or holes in them, toss them out and your white socks should be exactly that, WHITE.  You never know when you will have to take your shoes off.
19) Your nails should NEVER have anything black underneath them, unless you do something for a living and can’t help it, then it is acceptable.  There is NO excuse for lack of personal hygiene.  Women love men who take care of their feet, just listen to the stories they tell each other when they (women) get pedicures.  Don’t overdo it on the fragrance, if you can’t smell yourself, it doesn’t mean the person down the block can’t.
18) Never shut yourself off from a new experience.  Everything is connected to each other in the Universe.  Do it non-judgmentally.  In doing this you also open yourself up to unlimited possibilities and unlimited inspiration in your life…it’s a two-way street.  The moment you cut yourself off from the world, you have stopped living.
17) Never EVER make fun of someone else’s culture.  You NEVER know what connection to that culture someone listening may have to it.  Also, it shows how ignorant one is…
16) I have learned to wait and let the other person hang himself.  Never stoop so low where you argue with someone.  Silence and time are amazing.  People will eventually show their true colours. Once they show it, out of your life they go.
15) No matter what you have or what you do for a living, never make anyone feel inferior to you.  On the flipside, never feel inferior for what you contribute to society.  You never want to drain someone from their energy, including your own.  Life is too short, besides you will have to pay that energy back one day.
14) In your correspondences and when you communicate state things without being negative.  For example, instead of saying “we do not have xyz to ship you because of a problem with out machines,” state it in a positive manner, “due to overwhelming response to xyz, you will be receiving your item three weeks later than planned.”
13) NEVER cast your pearls to the swine.  Show only those who truly deserve it.  Love everyone, but most at an arm’s length.
12) Whatever you do, do it the best, do it right, pursue excellence, not perfection.  With perfection you’ll always be unhappy, with excellence you can always strive to better yourself.
11) Never judge another and never be embarrassed about yourself, your life, or your family.
10) Never gossip, it is a cancer.  Never have your name attached to something negative, nasty or dirty people would see and connect you to it.  It isn’t worth it.  NEVER air out someone else’s dirty laundry to the public and PLEASE never air out your own.  If you are caught, be a man and admit to it and move on!
9)  Give to those less fortunate.             
8)  Always be noble, because no matter how high in life you become or if one day you were to lose it all, people will love you for you – and they just may help you one day get back up there.
7)  Life is about the day to day activities that add up to a lifetime.  When you die, they are not going to say about the properties you owned and the castles you stayed at while on vacation.  People will remember how you helped someone one day long ago or how you made a difference in someone’s life.
6)  Envy, cynicism, greed, hatred, regret, anger – these I call the “ka-ka” emotions.  They eat away and chip at your soul and at your heart.  Get rid of them, clean house, name it and claim it and kick it to the curb.  Love and happiness is what you need to surround your environment.
5)  Birds of a feather flock together.  Need I say more?  If you expect first class, life will give it back to you as want second best?  Trust me, the Universe will listen and happy to comply.  You deserve the best, it is your divine right.
4)  Give praise when it is deserved – give compliments.  Look at the best parts of someone/something and focus on that particular attribute.  If someone or something is not for you, don’t say, “I would NEVER date her, she is so ugly!”  Instead say, “she’s not my type.”  Now isn’t that better?  There would be many times I would be at a gallery or somewhere and I would be asked what I thought of a particular piece of art.  Rather than me reply, “It’s god-awful, who would even think of creating such a piece of ….?”  I would say, “It’s not my style, and I am curious the artist’s thoughts when he/she created it.”  Sometimes the artist might be the one asking.
3)  Remember this quote and memorize it: “I will allow no person’s opinion, no influence to enter my mind which does not harmonize with my purpose.”  VERY powerful, if someone or something does not harmonize with your purpose, buh-bye, out it goes!
2)  Pray, to whomever you believe in.  Prayer is very powerful.  The energy that is created by prayer is incredible.
1)  Love yourself.  If you don’t who will?  Believe in yourself, your accomplishments and your dreams.  It’s addicting.

        My Dreams. My Passions. My Life.
                 Lifestyle Creator and Mens Designer  
George Zaharoff

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